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Q10485 - HOWTO: How can I find the Wiring Diagram of the chiller model: LCHHM170WL50E ?

To search for drawings and wiring diagrams related to YORK Manufactured chiller equipment you will need to identify the components supplied on the original order, you will need the full unit numenclature and the unit serial number.

Please then search by Serial Number in ALLParts to identify the correct bill of materials.

You will need to have an active registered account to access 'Search by Serial Number' screen

This will then enable you to identify the part numbers of the control units for drawing identification

Drawings are published via
'Parts and Drawings'      -    http://www2.eng.york.york.com/parts_n_drawings/
'Documentum'                -    http://dctm5web.york.com:8080/webtop/ - EMEA Data

Please note that if the unit was manufactured before February 1988 then records are not published via ALLParts and an enquiry for information related to unit’s pre February 1988 will need to be sent to HVAC Parts Customer Services - Email: hvacparts.cg-eur@jci.com

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